Within this book you will find  stories of the real Old West...THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY. These are interesting stories of folks that you may or may not have heard of previously. Elmer McCurdy was killed by a posse and then spent 66 years touring the country before he was buried. Three ladies were kidnapped by Indians; one made a harrowing escape; one was killed and mutilated; one died of a broken heart when she was rescued and prevented from returning to her adopted tribe.

 "Big Nose" Kate set a town on fire to help her man escape the law. One young sheepherder was murdered by two brothers and ended up buried next to one of them. Deputy Elfego Baca had as many as 4000 rounds fired at him by 100 cowboys and was unharmed, not so the cowboys. 

Montana vigilantes hanged five men at the same time from a rafter in a drug store. Thornburgh, the Wonder Dog, was far more than just the pet of Fort Bridger, Wyoming. Alfred Packer may or may not have murdered the rest of his party, but he did eat them. These are a few of the fascinating stories you will find inside this book. A selection of these stories is available through the links to whet your appetite for the book.

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Volume Two very closely follows the format established in Volume One of Tombstone By Tombstone: Here Lies the Old West, except that Volume Two has lengthier and more detailed stories, but fewer of them.

 Once again we have some of the famous, infamous and some that certainly are not household names. There are stories on two of Wyatt Earp’s brothers, but not on Wyatt. He does get frequent mention as there is a story about a fellow who rode with him and a fellow who did not. 

The ladies get good coverage again this time. There are five women of the Old West and only one of them could be considered a “Lady of the Evening,” and after she quit running with the Wild Bunch she seems to have given up that life. Another lady was inadvertently shot in her sleep and the posse that chased the killer was composed of some the most famous lawmen of the Old West.

There is a story of a western Indian who was sent east and an eastern Indian who was sent west. And there is a story about the boy that Geronimo missed when he attacked and destroyed the other members of his family. And because he missed, the boy celebrated his 107th birthday. There is a story about one very bad Indian outlaw and one Indian that rode with Geronimo and wrote his own autobiography. 

Did you know there was a fellow that fought the Yankees in the War of Northern Aggression and after the war was over received a Medal of Honor fighting with the US Army? Were you aware that one Medal of Honor recipient shot and killed another MOH recipient? 

Everyone knows who James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok is, but other than Old West buffs, how many know the name Davis Tutt? Some may be surprised to learn that the Gunfight Close to the OK Corral was not the bloodiest in Arizona history and the bloodiest didn’t happen until after the beginning of WWI, and that was still the Wild West here in Arizona. There are four of the meanest killers that ever roamed the southwest and some of the best lawmen ever assigned to catch them. Blacks, whites, Indians, Mexicans, outlaws, in-laws, ladies and whores,  are all covered here and everybody will find something that they did not know before reading these stories.

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These are stories of people and events during the Civil War in the United States. Included are stories of some famous people, like Stonewall Jackson and General Dan Sickles, and some that are not household names, like Jack Hinson and James Hanger. 

Some of these stories are about Yankees and some are about Rebels. Some stories are about famous battles, like Chancellorsville and some not so famous like the Battle of Nueces. 

Actual letters and reports from the men in battle are presented in their entirety preserving the original misspelling and punctuation errors. Bushwhackers like "Bloody Bill Anderson," Jayhawkers like "Doc Jennison, officers that murdered other officers, and adulterous officers on both sides and the tragic consequences that resulted. The tragic massacres at Lawrence, Kansas and Centralia, Missouri, committed by Confederate sympathizers are told. 

A story about the only Native American General in the Civil War and how he was the last man to surrender his troops. Male and female abolitionists and a female Confederate spy are related in interesting stories. The story of the first woman to be hung by the US Government is told. There are other interesting stories and interesting tidbits from the war. 

Because of two great grandfathers serving the Confederate cause there is an admitted loyalty to the side they fought for. Two of the gentlemen were in the Army and were wounded, one was in the Navy and was held as a Prisoner of War at Point Lookout, Maryland. All three survived the war and are buried in Arkansas, my home state. 

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Tombstone by Tombstone Volume One

True stories of the real Old West...THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY. These are interesting stories of folks that you may or may not have heard of previously.

Civil War Stories Volume One

True stories from the Civil War about famous/infamous characters and battles and some that are lesser known bur interesting reads. 

Captains of the Arizona Rangers

The three captains who organized and led the courageous and fighting Arizona Rangers as they rid the state of rustlers, outlaws and murderers in the early twentieth century.

Wild Women of the Wild West

This book contains non-fiction stories of some of the more colorful women that helped shape Old West. Included are Laura Bullion, girlfriend of the Wild Bunch; "Big Nose" Kate, girlfriend of Doc Holliday; Pearl Hart, the "Lady Bandit of Arizona," and others.

True Murder Stories in the Old West

True stories of senseless and unusual murders committed from Texas to Arizona and north to Washington state. Most are committed by unknowns to unknowns. Nate Champion is a well known victim and Josie Bassett is a well known perpetrator. Husbands kill wives and wives kill husbands

Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas

Tombstone by Tombstone Volume Two


More stories of the men and women who won the west. You will find some tales that are hard to believe, but historically true.

Strange Tales of the Old West

Read about a cannibal, a man who toured the country for 60 years after his death, a governor who went to his inauguration wearing shoes he made from the skin of he man he helped lynch, and a stagecoach driver with a twist that will shock you.

Indian Captives. Volume 1

Short stories of three women and one boy captured by different tribes of Indians. One was captured as a child and completely adapted to the Indian way of life.  One lady made a daring escape. The other woman and the boy were later slain by their captors.