"Tom Todd's "Tombstone Travels" are wonderful accounts of numerous frontier characters, some famous and some infamous. Putting their stories into brief articles is very helpful in learning the basics of their lives. Additionally, the photos greatly enhance the stories by giving us visual representations of the characters and, in many cases, their final resting places. I can't recommend this effort too highly; I anticipate the arrival of each of the stories and have never been disappointed." 

Roy B. Young, Editor Wild West History Association Journal

“…the stories seem to be quite accurate and the author explains in some instances where historians have disagreed on certain details such as the circumstances surrounding the death of Johnny Ringo. The author points out there were the good, the bad and the ugly. He takes no sides when reporting the tragic events nor does he pass judgment on choices made.”

Phyllis Morreale-deLa Garza, Book reviewer for Chronicles of the Old West

Tom’s interest in searching for a grave, then researching the life of these men and women who moved westward into numerous unknown perils, with many paying the ultimate price with their life gives the reader a glimpse of their daily life. A blend of many nationalities from worldwide brought their unique cultures with them and made a new home leaving their distinct mark on the wild untamed frontier. The cemeteries frequently show the burial customs from many diverse cultures. The threads from these many cultures were woven together to create unique towns, villages and cities in our great country, leaving behind tidbits of a rich and rewarding heritage. Tom takes these fragmented clues and weaves them into fantastic stories of the life and death of the individuals, providing many great pictures of each person and their final tribute from the simplest to the most majestic tombstones depicting their life.

Ann Oldham, noted Old West author of three successful books

“After being privy to a few of Toms ‘trip reports’ that he sent to friends and family, I all but begged him to share some of these stories as a monthly column for our magazine’s history section. Nearly three years later, Tom’s Tombstone Travels continues to be one of our most popular features… Although Tom is probably one of the few people who can probably tell you off the top of his head where any Old West icon is buried, I have always enjoyed Tom’s attention to what one might call ordinary folks. I know I am looking forward to Volume Two.”

Amie Rodgers, Publisher/Editor-The Maverick Magazine

I always look forward to reading Tom Todd’s “Tombstone Travels.” The stories and photos of these characters, some well-known others not-so-well-known but interesting just the same are well-researched and well-written. And, I always keep them for future reference.

Marshall Trimble, Official Arizona State Historian and “Answer Man” for True West